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VUBToday: VUB physicist develops new AI-based methods to investigate elementary particles in CERN

To better understand the universe, it is crucial to gain more knowledge about the elementary particles such as electrons and quarks - and how they interact. Using Artificial Intelligence, Dr. Seth Moortgat, a scientist at the Interuniversity Institute for High Energies of the VUB and ULB, developed two innovative methods that were used at CERN. The first method makes it easier to identify different types of these quarks. The second method increases the sensitivity of the data analysis when comparing the results, allowing the theoretical models to be verified faster and possibly excluded. Because of this, science is one step closer to tracing still unknown natural phenomena. Moortgat was nominated for the prestigious Lindau Nobel Laureate meeting at the beginning of July, in which 39 Nobel Prize winners in physics will participate this year. read more on VUB Today