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Participate in our Doctoral Derby

During the course of this derby, you will learn how to explain your research in a simple and effective way, whether it be through writing, public speaking, or recording a video. Not convinced? Also bear in mind that your family, neighbors, and non-academic peers will be grateful to finally understand what your research is actually about!”

How does it work? Reserve a spot on the preselections (registrations below) of your own doctoral school. By doing so, you will first get a training on how to write a popularizing abstract. On the pre-selection itself, you will orally present your research to the jury and your peers. Leading up to the finals, all successful candidates will get the opportunity to follow a public speaking training from the Floor is Yours and record a three-minute video on their PhD topic. The winner of the finals takes a 500 euro working credit. Check out videos from last year here

STEP 1: Training “How to write a popularizing abstract?”
The VUB Science Outreach Office will provide you with various tips and tricks to write an accessible abstract, aimed at a wide audience. You are expected to submit a trial abstract a few days before the training. The teacher will use these works to give tailor-made advice, combined with some general writing principles. Last, you will be asked to submit your final abstract a few days after the training. Your final version will appear in a booklet that will be handed out at the preselections (and, possibly, finals). 
11/03/2020: 1 pm - 4 pm (campus Jette) 
12/03/2020: 9 pm - 12 pm (campus Etterbeek) 
13/03/2020: 1 pm - 4 pm (campus Etterbeek) 

STEP 2: Preselections 
Give a three-minute presentation of your research in English, tailored to a large audience. You can make use of presentation software and/or other objects to get your message across. A professional jury and the audience will choose three finalists within each Doctoral School. Hence, try to motivate as much people as possible to attend the presentation. 
 31/03/2020: 4 pm - Life Sciences & Medicine (LSM) 
 01/04/2020: 2 pm - Human Sciences (DSH) 
 03/04/2020: 2 pm - Natural Sciences and Bioscience Engineering (NSE) 

Register for the preselections HERE