Temporary accomondation

If you are looking for temporary lodging, you should take the necessary steps to arrange accommodation from home. If you have relatives or friends in Belgium we advise you to set up a short-term stay with them. If not, book a Youth Hostel or a hotel for a few days or a week, which will give you enough time to find permanent accommodation.

Suggestions for temporary accommodation

Generaal Jacqueslaan 271
1050 Brussels
Website: www.u-residence.be

Waversesteenweg 2057
1160 Brussels
tel. (+32) 02/663.24.32
Website: http://www.foretdesoignessport.be/auberge-3-fontaines-3/

Dambordstraat/ rue du Damier 23
1000 Brussels
tel. (+32) 02/218.50.50
Website: www.sleepwell.be


Olifantstraat 4
1080 Brussels
tel. (+32) 02/410.38.58
Website: www.lesaubergesdejeunesse.be

Zavelputstraat 30
1000 Brussels
tel. (+32) 02/218.01.87
Website: www.lesaubergesdejeunesse.be

For more information on the Youth Hostels in Brussels look at the following websites:

More information on hotels in Brussels:


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Permanent accommodation and housing

for students, visiting scholars, fellows & researchers

Note : For VLIR scholars the housing will be organised at the campus by the VLIR administrator.

There are two ways to rent a room while studying at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel:

1) A room on campus

More information about the housing facilities on our campuses.

2) Private accomodation

Most of you will need to find housing in the private sector. This will take up some time and energy. In September & October, the temporary room hunting team of the International Relations & Mobility Office can assist you in the room search within the www.brik.be database (Brusse(&ik).

The Brusse(&ik file is a file where the landlords had to fulfil certain criteria in order to be registered. Brusse(&ik aims to create a network of safe, reliable housing. In case problems arise between landlord and the tenant, the university can and will intervene.

You’re free to hire a room outside the Brusse(&ik file, knowing that the room hunting team won’t assist and the university will not intervene in case a problem arises. Please be warned that rents are relatively high in Brussels. For the monthly rent you should expect to pay approximately 300 euro for a room and 500 euro for a small flat

Important: rooms are furnished, but kitchen utilities or sheets are not included. You must bring your own or be prepared to buy the necessary items once you arrive in Belgium.

More information about student housing in the city >>>