The security officers ensure the safety of persons (students, staff and visitor), goods and buildings on our Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus and Brussels Health Campus. The large team of security staff comprises VUB staff and personnel of an external security firm. The security service is staffed round the clock.

24/24 emergency number

For the Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus, there is a special emergency number: 88. You can dial this number with any internal telephone. Emergency calls can also be made from all the elevators. The security officers on duty can be reached round the clock by calling 02/629 21 76.

Opening and locking rooms

In case of an emergency, the security officer on duty can unlock your room or office for you and lock up again after you. Do not forget to present your identity papers spontaneously. The security officer will check that he is not letting strangers into your room. If you want to use a classroom after hours, you must make a reservation with the campus management service (tel. no.: 02/629 27 98), which also has keys to all the rooms and will open up and lock up the classroom for you.

In case of illness or accident

Our security officers are all trained in first aid and are able to help you in an emergency. In case of a serious accident or illness, the security officer will immediately call a doctor or the emergency services. If you car breaks down, the officer on duty will help you call the breakdown rescue service.

Security escort

Should you still feel unsafe or even threatened on campus, in spite of all our security measures, you can always call one of our security officers. If necessary, he or she will escort you to your car or to the nearest public transport stop.

Bank escort

Some people feel vulnerable when they are carrying a large sum of money. If you wish, a security officer will escort you to the nearest bank. The security officers are not responsible for the security of valuables, but only for escorting you.


Always make sure that the door to your office, lab or room is locked whenever you leave it, even if only for a moment. A thief only needs thirty seconds to steal your wallet or snatch your laptop from your desk. At night, be sure to close all your doors and windows properly, even when you are not on the ground floor. An open window is an opportunity, and remember: opportunity makes the thief.

If you feel threatened on campus or notice anything suspicious, notify VUB security immediately (emergency number 88 or tel. no. 02/629 21 76).

If you notice that a lamp is out of order or a door is difficult to close, notify the technical department as soon as possible (tel. no. 02/629 31 11 during office hours), or, if the technical department cannot be reached, call security.

NEVER block doors so that you can let in people later. An open door is an invitation to theft or worse.

If you find that you have been the victim of theft, contact security immediately. In case of an obvious break-in, security will always notify the police.

It is a good idea to programme the emergency numbers on your mobile phone or your office or room telephone.

The maintenance team is responsible for keeping the campus clean and orderly. The maintenance team consists of VUB staff and personnel of an external firm.


Rita De Brabanter 
Tel. no.: 02/629 39 15 
E-mail: rita.de.brabanter@vub.ac.be

Sabrina Colpaert 
Tel. no.: 02/629 12 84 
E-mail: Sabrina.Colpaert@vub.ac.be
Fax no.: 02/629.31.93

Maintenance inspection

Cleanliness is regularly monitored by means of spot checks, done by two maintenance supervisors.


The windows are cleaned by an external firm at regular intervals.

Carpet cleaning

The carpets are cleaned once a year or on request, using a carpet shampoo machine and a carpet cleaning product.

Extra cleaning

If an activity is organised after normal hours, you can request for the room to be given an extra cleaning.


The porters can be asked to do small removals, collect waste paper, pick up old computer equipment, etc.

Contact: Mr. Luc Vanderlick
Tel : +32-2-6291285
Fax : +32-2-6293193
Mobile : 0476/582601


  • Use the ashtrays to put out your cigarettes.
  • Do not litter, but throw your rubbish in the litterbins.
  • Wipe you feet when you enter a building.
  • Do not leave your bicycle in the hall, but use the bike stands outside.
  • To make the cleaners’ job easier, do not let any wires or computer cables trail on the floor.

The key service is in charge of making keys, installing cylinder locks, producing access cards for the entrance doors, etc.


Tel. no.: 02/629 30 42 
Fax no.: 02/629 31 93

Please notify security immediately if you have lost a key (You can do this by e-mail to bewaking@vub.ac.be).

Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus

Entrance 6 via Triomflaan (right across the street of Triomflaan 49), building X4, room 011/1 Tel. no.: 02/629 21 76 - 2178 - 3013 Fax no.: 02/629 30 41 E-mail: bewaking@vub.ac.be

Brussels Health Campus

Student Homes (next door to the Accommodation Service) Tel. no.: 02/477 41 41 (this number puts you through to the security officer on duty, in charge of security on both campuses; the connection can take a few seconds) Fax no.: 02/477 41 40 E-mail: bewakjet@vub.ac.be