Business Technology and Operations

The research and education in the department of Business technology and Operations (BUTO) is focused on applying mathematical models and innovation strategies in several areas: logistics, manpower planning, business informatics, data analytics, technology, location analysis and geomarketing. Interdisciplinary research is a must in these domains.



VUB-Campus Etterbeek, Pleinlaan 2, B-1050 Brussels (Pleinlaan 5, 4th floor), at 5 minutes walking distance from the Etterbeek train station, and 10 minutes from the metro stations Petillon or Delta.


  • Thomas CRISPEELS

    Phone: +32 2 614 83 09
    E-mail: Thomas.Crispeels@vub.be
    Office: Pleinlaan 5, room 4.27

    Research domain: Innovation, R&D Strategy, Life Sciences, Technology Entrepreneurship


  • Peter DE BRUYN

    Phone: +32 2 614 83 10
    E-mail: Peter.De.Bruyn@vub.be
    Office: Pleinlaan 5, room 4.26

    Research domain: Business Informatics, Enterprise Engineering, Business Process Design


    Phone: +32 2 614 83 19
    E-mail: Marc.Goldchstein@vub.be
    Office: Pleinlaan 5, room 4.27

    Research domain: Technology Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Strategy, Software, ICT


  • Marie-Anne GUERRY

    Phone: +32 2 614 83 02
    E-mail: Marie-Anne.Guerry@vub.be
    Office: Pleinlaan 5, room 4.14

    Research domain: Mathematical Modeling, Markov Chain Models, Manpower Planning, Quantitative Human Resources Planning



  • Tias GUNS

    Phone: +32 2 614 83 21
    E-mail: Tias.Guns@vub.be
    Office: Pleinlaan 5, room 4.29

    Research domain: Data Mining, Constraint Programming



  • Imre KESERÜ

    Phone: +32 2 614 83 23
    E-mail: Imre.Keseru@vub.be
    Office: Pleinlaan 5, room 4.39

    Research domain:Sustainable Transport Planning, Travel Behaviour, Transport Geography, Commuting


  • Philippe LEBEAU

    Phone: +32 2 614 83 01
    E-mail: Philippe.Lebeau@vub.be
    Office: Pleinlaan 5, room 4.20

    Research domain: City Distribution, Electric Vehicles, Urban Consolidation Centers, Sustainable Logistics



    Phone: +32 2 614 83 57
    E-mail: Yves.Molenbruch@vub.be
    Office: Pleinlaan 5, Room 4.13

    Research domain: Vehicle Routing and Scheduling Problems, Demand-Responsive Mobility, Public Transport, Autonomous Electric Shuttles


  • Alexandre THYS

    Phone: +32 2 614 83 37
    E-mail: Alexandre.Thys@vub.be
    Office: Pleinlaan 5, room 4.26

    Research domain: Economic Geography, Marine Energies & Minerals, Sustainable Marine Development



    Phone: +32 2 614 83 40
    E-mail: Lieselot.Vanhaverbeke@vub.be
    Office: Pleinlaan 5, room 4.13

    Research domain: Location Analysis, Operations Research, Electromobility, Geomarketing


Senior researchers

  • Koen MOMMENS

    E-mail: Koen.Mommens@vub.be
    Office: Pleinlaan 5, room 4.36

    Research domain: Intermodal transport, City distribution, Transport modelling

  • George PETRIDES

    E-mail: George.Petrides@vub.be

    Research domain: Data-mining, predictive analytics, privacy-enhancing technologies, mathematical cryptology, FSR sequences



Voluntary scientific collaborators

Data Analytics Lab

The VUB Data Analytics lab is a headed by prof. Wouter Verbeke and prof. Tias Guns, at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences and Solvay Business School. The lab has strong ties to the MOBI research group and collaborates with several academic and industrial partners.

Our focus is on developing and adapting analytical tools and algorithms to take into account the operational setting, domain expertise and business requirements of the application at hand. This differs from the typical statistical or IT perspective, and takes into account the operational context; including impact on revenues, adherence to user requirements, interpretability and interaction with other systems.

Example application domains include demand forecasting, exploratory data analysis, credit risk modeling, constraint-based clustering, fraud detection and customer churn prediction.


Prof. Wouter Verbeke <Wouter.Verbeke@vub.ac.be> 

  • Analytics for business applications:
    • Fraud detection
    • Supply chain analytics
    • Credit risk modeling
    • Marketing analytics (customer churn prediction, netlift modeling, response modeling)
  • Predictive and descriptive analytics 
  • Social and complex network analysis 
  • Profit driven data mining   

Prof. Tias Guns <Tias.Guns@vub.ac.be> 

  • Exploratory data analysis:
    • Constraint-based mining 
    • Interactive pattern discovery
    • Clustering 
    • Data summarization
  • Prescriptive analytics: combining machine learning and optimisation 
  • Constraint Programming and discrete optimisation

Selected projects

  • Demand sensing: long term industrial research collaboration to develop dynamic forecasting approaches for short term estimation of demand evolutions. The developed methods, based on ensemble approaches, are developed in the context of their integration into production planning systems.
  • Uplift modeling: research collaboration with a financial institution to develop and investigate the usefulness of net-, true- or up- lift modeling approaches, to maximize returns of marketing campaigns by selecting the most appropriate channels, level of marketing intensity, etc.
  • Fraud Analytics: research project aiming to make fraud detection models costsensitive. Development in collaboration with an industrial credit card company as part of a larger project aiming at combining artificial intelligence, cryptography, and data analytics for developing an intelligent, adaptive authorization system

MOBI, the Mobility, Logistics and Automotive Technology Research Centre, is leader in defining the state-of-the-art in Electromobility and Socio-Economic Evaluations for sustainable mobility and logistics.

40 years of expertise – 150 projects last 5 years – 16 ongoing EU projects – 100+ staff 

For specific information, you can go to the MOBI website.