Take a bite out of the scientific challenges your VUB-colleagues face and join us for an interdisciplinary lunch exploration.

1 university, 8 faculties, 2500 researchers: an abundance of science, knowledge & wisdom at our university. But who are these researchers, what challenges do they face in their field and what are the collective challenges when it comes to global, present-day issues. By orchestrating the accidental, an informal meeting ground, we hope to stimulate a bottom-up movement of researchers heading in new directions together.

The R&D-department offers you, in close cooperation with the VUB-branch of the Jonge Academie, a monthly opportunity to take part in this interdisciplinary meeting ground. For each edition, a theme will be chosen that is not only interesting for diverging disciplines but that also forms a common global challenge. Not every edition has been assigned a theme yet, we're counting on your feedback and suggestions to complete the programme.







Food for Thought Calendar 2021-2022

29/10 26/11 28/01 25/03 29/04 20/05

Idea for a theme? Let us know!