Remote Desktop Access discontinued starting 26/10/2019

From 26th October 2019 onwards, it will no longer be possible to make a direct Remote Desktop connection from an off-campus device to an on-campus one.

Due to an increase in cyber-attacks, attempted hacks, and strengthened privacy legislation (GDPR), it is simply not feasible or responsible anymore to still allow off-network connections to VUB devices. 

In order to facilitate the needs of Remote Desktop users in the future, however, the ICT Department has set up a VPN service you can register for. 

For more information about this VPN solution, as well as future plans regarding network connectivity from outside the VUB network, please consult the following knowledge article:

Remote Desktop Access discontinued starting 26/10/2019

Office 365 license issue on the 8th of October

Due to an upgrade of one of ICT's systems, the Office 365 license of several students were removed. For the affected users

  1. the vub.be email address no longer exists
  2. they cannot access their vub.be mailbox
  3. they cannot access the Office 365 applications
  4. the forwarding address on their vub.be mailbox was removed (very likely)

ICT is trying to fix the issue as soon as possible so that students again have access to their mailbox and the Office 365 applications.

Update 8 Oct 17:45: The Office 365 licenses of the afffected users were restored. Their access and mailbox have been reenabled.

In the period that the email address does not exist, affected users cannot be sent new messages. The senders do get an error message of non-delivery.

If you still experience issues with your vub.be mailbox and Office 365 access, please contact the ICT-Helpdesk. You can also contact them if you have other questions. 

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Forwarding addresses of VUB members of staff deactivated on August 14th

Due to the changes made to Office 365 licenses for members of staff on 14 August last (also see the article below), it turns out that also the forwarding addresses on the affected vub.be addresses were removed. The forwarding addresses of students were unaffected.

As a result, members of staff who had defined a forwarding address on their vub.ac.be or vub.be address in the past, no longer received their messages on their personal address since August 14th.

On August 29th (noon) the deactivated forwarding addresses were restored. A personal message will be sent to the affected users.

The messages that were not forwarded between 14 and 29 August can be consulted in the vub.be mailbox, through the Office 365 portal at https://portal.office.com/  Users can also verify or change their forwarding address through the Office 365 portal (more info).

Please note that the forwarding addresses on the vub.ac.be mailbox have not been affected (for anyone).

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the ICT-Helpdesk.

Our apologies for the confusion and for the inconvenience caused.

Office 365 license issue on August 14th

Due to the reconfiguration of the Office 365 licenses on Wednesday, 14 August, the existing user licenses for members of staff were accidentally removed between 13:30 and 15:30, for max. 10 minutes per user (students were not affected). As a result, during these 10 minutes 

  1. the vub.be email address of the affected users no longer existed
  2. users no longer had access to their vub.be mailbox
  3. users no longer had access to the Office 365 applications

If users were sent emails during the period that their vub.be address did not function, these messages could not be delivered and the senders received an error message of non-delivery.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. If you have any questions on this matter, don't hesitate to contact the ICT-Helpdesk.

Outage 4 July: network in G building unavailable [SOLVED]

Dear fellow VUBers,

DICT received a warning on the evening of Thursday July 4th from an external security partner regarding active malware. In conjunction with the CISO, the department sprang into action to protect the VUB network and its data. All communication to malicious servers was immediately blocked. Also, all wired connections on the VUB network were blocked.

After further investigations, it turned out not our devices but an external site was the source of this suspicious communication. DICT unblocked all wired devices; only communication with the malicious external servers will remain blocked.

In light of this incident we cannot stress enough it's very important to keep up to date with your Windows versions as well as your antivirus software (staff and students can download McAfee for free right here). 

Our apologies for any inconvenience if you were among the ones blocked, but this was our only option at the time. Everything should function properly again. 

Please visit our Service Portal if you experience any more troubles.

Beware of extortion emails!

Since 28 January a new campaign is ongoing in which users are invited to pay a ransom in Bitcoins to prevent that (said) confidential information would be made public on the Internet. In some of these messages, the sender threatens to use violence.

Never respond to such a request!

The sender of the email is just trying to convince you that they have obtained personal information about you, or that someone has been hired to take physical action.

Some messages also include a password which was supposed to be yours. In most cases this password is fake and not the password of your account, although in recent emails (June 2019) old (compromised) passwords are being mentioned.

Read the knowledge article Do not respond to extortion emails! for more details.

Phishing alert: 10 October 2019 - Important notice -address has voilated...

Examine the most recent phishing attempts

Phishing alerts!

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