Think about it carefully

Deciding exactly what subject you want to study can be difficult.  Some people already know direction they wish to take in terms of study, whilst others simply have no idea whatsoever. Some students need to take a little time out before they are ready to make their decision. Whichever category you fit into, you should bear in mind that redefining your direction or changing course is an active and dynamic process which takes time – don’t rush into it! To help you to reach your decision, it may be useful for you to make an appointment with a student psychologist.   

Do you wish to start your studies from the 2nd semester onwards?

Would you like to start a study programme at VUB from the 2nd semester onwards?  No problem! Find out all you need to know about your modified 2nd semester study programme, as well as how to register, and how much it will cost etc. on the page for students who wish to start their studies in February.  

Thinking of changing course?

Do you want to change course? If so, then there are a number of different possibilities open to you within VUB, the Erasmus Brussels University (EhB) or other educational institutions. 

Continuing to study at VUB
  • For an overview of all courses on offer at VUB please consult the programme pages where you will find all the study programmes on offer at each degree and study level. VUB students can also use the Canvas-module to help them make the right study choice. 
  • You can also opt to follow modules from a number of different study programmes in the 2nd semester (“tasters”).  This way, you get the chance to sample different courses which in turn will help you make a considered, realistic study choice for the next academic year. You’ll find a full overview of all the taster-modules here.  
  • If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, you will first need to register for a credit contract. If you choose modules from different faculties, then you will need to register for a credit contract with each individual faculty. 
Changing course within VUB after your bachelors degree 
  • Want to know whether you are entitled to direct access to a certain course or not? Learn more about the admission requirements for each master’s or master after master on the specific programme websites.
  • Where you do not have direct access to a particular course, you will first need to follow a  preparatory programme.
  • Why not take a look at the many interesting follow-up courses offered by our educational partner Erasmus Brussels University
Further study at Erasmus Brussels University (EhB)
  • Together, VUB and Erasmus Brussels University form the Brussels University Association.  EhB organises a number of information sessions during the course of the year for those interested to find out more about opportunities for further study.
  • Students wishing to start studying at EhB from the 2nd semester onwards should consult the dedicated website.
Further study elsewhere
  • If you are aged 15 or over and interested in following a course taught in the Dutch language in Brussels, you should contact Leerwinkel Brussel for more information, support and orientation. You’ll find information on the various Dutch language education and courses available in Brussels, as well as help in making your learning or study choices.

Student talk

Have you already decided what you want to study?

Would you like to study something else, and already know what that is? In that case, this is what you need to do.

You intend to continue to study at VUB

If your new course is also a VUB course, then first of all you need to contact the study path counselor for your new course. The study path counsellor will plan your study reorientation with you and give you any advice you need.

You are going to study elsewhere
  • Make sure that you find out as much information as possible about your new course. You can contact the study path counsellor for the new course at your new university or college. Be sure to do this after the start of the new academic year.
  • Terminate your studies at VUB. Read here how to terminate your studies.
  • Enrol for your new course. You will need to follow the registration procedure for your new university or educational institution. To register for specific parts of your course, you should take contact with the study path counsellor at your new college or university. 

Don’t forget to check the potential consequences of this and how it may affect your learning account, study grant and your child benefits or Groeipakket.

Discontinuing your studies

Do you wish to discontinue your studies, but at present do not know what you want to do next?  Do you need a little time for yourself, and prefer to take such important decisions at your own pace? In this case, the following organisations are there to help you:

Reorientate, whilst gaining experience at the same time?

Do you need a little time to think about your future, whilst gaining valuable experience at the same time? Are you aged between 18 and 25 years old? Then Citizen Service is perhaps something for you!  Take a look at Arthur’s testimonial here, or visit for more information.