Have you done the thought experiment?

Did you imagine being David Attenborough, Ursula von der Leyen or Nadia Murad for 1 minute? Well, then you've noticed that they walk the talk. They commit themselves - voluntarily or not - to actually addressing important social issues. You can do the same. Right now, as a student. 1 minute a week, 1 hour a week ... anything is possible. The world needs you, and a little bit of your time. Ready to join the battle and commit yourself? Then sign up for one of our workshops or subscribe to our biweekly newsletter.



6 May: Become Alexander De Croo

and connect our alumni with the VUB

20 May: Become David Attenborough

and tackle climate change

13 May: Become Fatima Mernissi

and tackle discrimination in the job market

29 April: Become Nadia Murad

and tackle transgressive behavior

19 May: Become Ursula von der Leyen

and tackle the war in Ukraine

17 May: Become Marc Zuckerberg

and tackle the polarization of society


Any ideas of your own to improve the world? Let us know via theworldneedsyou@vub.be or join existing projects at www.theworldneedsyou.be

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What to expect during an atelier

The Ateliers are living labs where you and other VUB community members (students, academics, staff, alumni, partners...) brainstorm about how you think to improve the VUB regarding a certain theme via 4 questions you work on with the group.

The outcome will be 4 concrete actions / projects with a real impact and with which we continue building towards the VUB as an urban engaged university.

In short: your participation is important.

How does it work?

  • The workshops are based on brainstorming and co-creation. This requires a structured process with an effective outcome.
  • The atelier helps to quickly create new ideas and projects based on central questions related to the subject of the problem or challenge.
  • Methodology: based on the GPS brainstorm kit of Flanders DC with a VUB twist
  • In addition to an initiator (e.g. academic), the workshop also has a facilitator (staff member The World Needs You) who makes the report afterwards and shares it with the group.
  • Duration: max. 4 hours
  • Location: may vary, usually at the U-Residence
  • Participants: max. 25
  • Food and drinks provided


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