Take action against injustice and join the Amnesty writing marathon!

Are you a VUB student who values human rights? Do you think it is scandalous that people all over the world still end up in prison for standing up for their rights? Do you think everyone deserves a fair trial? Then the Amnesty writing marathon is for you!

All over the world people are unjustly imprisoned or threatened because they stand up for their rights. Therefore, the human rights organisation Amnesty International organises an international writing marathon every year in December. During this period, people from all over the world write millions of letters to ten people who desperately need their help. This initiative is also of great importance to the VUB as an inclusive university. The university urges committed VUB students like you to join in! 

During the writing marathon, you write a letter to the authorities of the 10 people Amnesty International is supporting this year. These 10 people received no or an unfair trial because they stand up for what they believe in. They are Bernardo Caal Xol from Guatemala (imprisoned for protecting the environment), Zhang Zhan from China (imprisoned for exposing the truth about Corona), Mohamed El-Baqer from Egypt (imprisoned for standing up for freedom), Wendy Galarza from Mexico (shot during a demonstration for women's rights), Anna and Vira from Ukraine (attacked for standing up for LGBTI+ and women's rights), Janna Jihad from occupied Palestinian territories (threatened with death for speaking out about violence against Palestinians), Imoleayo Michael Nigeria (faces a prison sentence for protesting against police brutality), Rung Panusaya from Thailand (faces life sentence for peaceful protest), Mikita Zalatarou from Belarus (assaulted and convicted without due process), and Ciham Ali Ahmed from Eritrea (detained in secret). 

Policies for these people, and in their country in general, need to change urgently. Through your letter, you ask the authorities to release or protect the people, or to change a discriminatory law. In addition, you write solidarity cards to the ten people to give them a boost. In this way, you become part of a massive worldwide flow of letters and cards. This creates a great deal of pressure on the authorities. So every letter and every card makes an important difference. Do not hesitate, join the movement and order your free writing kit!