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Are you a VUB-person who cares about our planet and the environment? Would you like to learn more about how best to make a choice for sustainable solutions? Are you curious about how you can find out whether a sustainable solution is really sustainable? Then the course Decision Support Systems for Sustainability is for you

Decision Support Systems for Sustainability

Decision Support Systems for Sustainability is the optional course that falls within the micro-credential Decision Support Systems. A micro-credential is a short course that you can take as part of Lifelong Learning as of this academic year. Depending on the specific offering, this can be done in Dutch or English. It is the ideal opportunity to acquire new competencies, look for updates or follow an additional training course. 

Specifically, in the elective course, you discover various techniques to support decision-making on sustainability. The course is suitable for anyone with a personal or professional interest in sustainability. Experienced guest speakers impart their knowledge and skills regarding the various methods. Depending on what is allowed, this takes place both online and on campus. During the course, you learn about different decision-making techniques related to sustainability. These vary from very data-driven techniques, such as external cost calculations, to very people-oriented methods, such as participatory foresight. In addition, you can attend workshops where you learn the different techniques in a hands-on manner. You register for the course based on a credit contract, which means that you follow a semester course expressed in ECTS. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate. Does that sound like something for you? Then don't hesitate and enroll

Bieke Abelhausen

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You are...

  • A VUB-person or external policymaker who is interested in sustainability
  • Curious about how decisions on sustainability are made

You have...

  • An interest in learning more about sustainability decisions
  • Time throughout the semester to attend the course

What's in it for you?

  • It is a very varied course: workshops and lectures alternate
  • You get a very good picture of the reality thanks to experienced guest speakers
  • You receive a certificate at the end of the course


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