Tick Tock. The clocks tick furiously the minutes and seconds away. On October 10 we demand urgent action. It is on that day that we go #BackToTheClimate and set things in motion with a big climate march in Brussels! Luce and Inas will represent the VUB students there and ask you to join them. Interested? Read on! 


It is not too late but we must act now.

These last months, the corona crisis has made us realise that a profound transformation is possible and necessary. Climate scientists have a clear message: it is still possible to limit global warming to 1.5°C, but we must act now. That is why we are taking action again and making ourselves heard. The bold climate actions of recent years have put the climate crisis high on the political agenda. Now is the time for politicians to turn their promises into ambitious actions. On the eve of an important European summit and the major climate summit in Glasgow, we want to give a strong signal. This is the tipping point: do we leave things as they are or do we opt for a world that is inclusive, sustainable and fair?

Source: backtotheclimate.be

Still hesitating? Check the video below to find out why your presence is so important.

Join Inas & Luce!

Does the above story also sound so important to you? Great! And you would like to go, but rather not alone? No problem. VUB students Luce Enes Gramoso and Inas Djelloul would like to take you with them.

What do you have to do to join them? 

  • Join the facebook group
  • They will post all practical information (where to meet, ...)

Do you have any questions? Send them a whatsapp!

Luce Enes Gramoso

Luce Enes Gramoso

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Inas Djelloul

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