Buy delicious pasta in the VUB restaurant and support VZW Nakama through Brussel Helpt! 

Are you a VUB student who likes to eat pasta? Do you have the heart in the right place? Would you like to help children and young people from the most vulnerable neighbourhoods of Brussels? Then the VUB action for Brussel Helpt is for you! 

Between 22 November and 26 November, you can buy special pasta in the VUB student restaurants. For the fourth time in a row, you can buy a "best of pasta" for Brussel Helpt during the lunch and evening opening hours of the restaurant. You only pay one euro extra for the pasta. The VUB donates this euro to Brussel Helpt, which this year supports the non-profit organisation Nakama. So, you not only fill your stomach with the delicious pasta but also your heart with the gratitude of the Nakama volunteers. A real win-win! 

Nakama is an enthusiastic, young, and ambitious group of volunteers who work for children and young people from the most vulnerable neighbourhoods of Brussels. Nakama is also the Japanese word for friend, comrade, associate. The name of the non-profit organisation is not random, as it is the meaning that the non-profit organisation wants to have for all future generations. Nakama organises camps, excursions, homework support, and various kinds of activities for children and young people. The association gives them a safe place, a listening ear, and a place of trust. In this way, the association strengthens the self-image of children and young people in Brussels. With the proceeds from the pasta sales, Nakama wants to make the organisation more professional, further diversify its activities and reach even more children and young people in Brussels. So don't hesitate and buy the pasta for a good cause! 


Are you already hungry? Be sure to visit the pasta sale in our sustainable VUB restaurant at one of the following times:


11:30 - 13:45


17:30 - 20:00

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