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De representatie van de vrouw in de Victoriaanse schilderkunst, toegespitst op de evolutie van de iconografie van de vrouw bij de tweede generatie prerafaëlieten en de innovatieve invloed daarop van Evelyn De Morgan (1855-1919)

woensdag, 16 september, 2009 - 14:00
Campus: Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering campus
Faculteit: Arts and Philosophy
Francis Dominique (Nic) Peeters

By means of a critical iconographic study of the development of the representation of woman
in Victorian art from c. 1860 onwards, and particularly that of the ‘Second Pre-Raphaelite
Movement’, a range of problems became apparent: this artistic movement, its internal
relations and tensions as well as its artistic production were in need of a redefinition based on
in-depth research into the social changes that constituted the context in which the movement
manifested itself. More specifically this investigation was conducted from the perspective of
the artist Evelyn De Morgan (1855-1919) who played a key role in the development of the
representation of woman within the movement. This innovative research employs the
methodological programme of gender studies, which simultaneously functions as our
paradigm and the object of critical evaluation.