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An identification approach as a prerequisite for quantitative electrochemical studies

maandag, 25 oktober, 2010 - 17:00
Campus: Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering campus
Tom Breugelmans

Electrochemical processes are widely studied because of their importance in a multi-
tude of industrial activities. In order to remain competitive, product innovation and a
continuous search for new products are primordial. This requires a profound insight in the
electrochemical phenomena which can only be obtained by modelling the electrochemical
processes in an accurate and reliable way. Reliable modelling results are only provided
when correct experimental data are available and when it can be evaluated whether the
model is able to describe the experiments within the experimental error. To tackle this
problem, this work integrates those two elements in an identication approach.

The developed identication approach is implemented for a well-dened selection of
electrochemical systems, each characteristic for a dierent physical process. It is however
not limited to the case studies considered in this work but can be used for other electro-
chemical processes. It is a prerequisite for every quantitative electrochemical study. More-
over, it will provide accurate modelling results and will contribute to the understanding
of technologically relevant electrochemical reactions which is indispensable for optimizing
existing industrial processes.