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Localization in wireless networks and co-existence of braodband services

dinsdag, 8 juni, 2010 - 17:00
Campus: Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering campus
Mussa Bshara

Can we make the location of objects in the physical space as easy as
finding items with Google?

Imagine that you can position your little child who started his first days at school
in few clicks as you do when searching items with Google. Or, imagine an
emergency case where the victims have to be positioned as fast as possible to
be rescued. Or, may be you only want to find the closest bus stop, the closest
restaurant or pharmacy, etc… One can't expect that sophisticated localization
devices will be available to be used for e.g., by your child or by the people who
had a severe accident, to report their position. Thus, positioning has to be
obtained seemingly and depending on commonly available devices, such as
mobile phones, wireless modems, etc… In other words, depending only on the
wireless network resources. The commitment to use only the resources of the
network to obtain positioning has important perspectives. Most importantly,
emergency and security applications will benefit highly from the improved
accuracy in location of mobile clients. Furthermore, operators will be able to
provide interesting location-based services to their customers as long as they
can be reached by a network.

In this thesis, positioning is performed using the resources of a wireless WiMAX
network and applied to study area in Brussels. Real life scenarios are
considered, where the user can be static, e.g. sitting at home, but also dynamic
for mobile users that are biking, driving, using the bus etc... In the case of using
the public road network, the map information can also be used to improve the
positioning accuracy. A practical study on the accuracy and precision of a GPS
sensor, including the obtain of the ground-truth of the reference points, is also