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Optimal pillar configurations for on-chip chromatographic beds and flow distributors

dinsdag, 29 juni, 2010 - 17:00
Campus: Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering campus
Joris Vangelooven

Fast developments in the field of life sciences in the last decade are posing the world of
chromatography for new and more complex problems to solve. To overcome these increasingly high
demands, chromatographers are turning more and more towards miniaturisation and on‐chip
applications. In the last couple of years, microfabricated chromatographic columns in which the
traditional particle beds have been replaced by etched micropillars have shown much potential. In
this dissertation, a number of design issues concerning the design of the pillar bed, the important
side‐wall region and on‐chip flow distributors are addressed. Through both Computational Fluid
Dynamics simulations and accompanying experimental studies, designs for the pillar bed geometries
are optimised. Finally some design rules are proposed for the further development of this promising
new type of chromatographic columns.