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Acoustic source identification with applications in aeroacoustics

vrijdag, 11 maart, 2011 - 16:00
Campus: Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering campus
Flavio Augusto Presezniak

Noise reduction has received special attention nowadays. From machines, cars to airplanes and wind turbines, the new legislations have imposed new acceptable limits to sound emission. Noise source identification has as objective point to the sound emission map giving important information for the engineers to work direct on the most important sources. This thesis has as objective study the current source identification methods, improving the performance and proposing new, more performant methods, with a special attention given to the problem condition.

On the field of new methods, new one, called Generalized Weighted Beamforming is presented. This method shows an improvement on the source identification, being able to identify closed sources separately, as well to identify different source types at once. Another Adaptative Method is also presented, making possible a significant reduction on the measurement points to correctly identify the sources.

The problem condition, for several applications is also studied. As a result, new measurement grids are presented, reducing the problem condition and as consequence, the noise influence on the results.

All the techniques can be applied to acoustic and aeroacoustic sources, and special models developed on this work, make possible the application on tonal aeroacoustic noise.