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Dries Tys and CROSSTALKS at Burning Ice festival

donderdag, 7 juni, 2012 - 19:00
Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van Vaakstraat 81, 1000 Brussels

Rivers are lifelines, sometimes open sewers, sometimes national borders... What is life like on and beside rivers? 

To find out, the artist's cooperative Time's Up, travelled along the Murray, the Danube and several Belgian canals. They used vessels built from sustainable materials and powered only by natural energy, and they spoke to residents along the way. The exhibition on this journey is a lively documentary of their travels and the stories they recorded.  

On the occasion of this exhibition, CROSSTALKS will present its latest book Bridges over Troubled Waters. The publication presents a series of great academic and corporate projects that address the challenges associated with water governance and environmental issues, intertwined with contributions by world-class artists (a.o. Tim Boykett's Time's Up) who give us a language to discuss these challenges in a metaphorical yet often crystal clear way.

Marleen Wynants will animate the discussion between Tim Boykett (Time's Up) and two other authors of the book: Bas Smets (landscape architect) and Dries Tys (archaeologist, VUB). 

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