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Frank de Bakker (VU Amsterdam) - More than words? Examining the added value of corporate citizenship

dinsdag, 12 november, 2013 - 12:15
Campus: Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering campus
Faculteit: Social Sciences and Solvay Business School
Raadzaal (Boardroom) C 2.07 A for BUSI /VUB

In discussions about corporate social responsibility (CSR), the political role of firms is often debated and in these debates one cannot neglect the increasing attention for the concept of corporate citizenship (CC). Introduced as a notion to help understanding how firms influence and participate in the creation of governance solutions in the international arena, the concept has rapidly gained in prominence in the business and society literature, sometimes seen as an add-on to the debate on CSR and sometimes seen as an alternative to overcome conceptual difficulties the CSR concept has been facing. In this paper we examine the concept of CC as it is used in recent literature, focusing on CC definitions, CC behavior, reasons for CC behavior and CC terminology. Doing so contributes to our understanding of the added value of CC, providing input for the ongoing debate on business-society relations.

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