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Sustainable Mobility and Decision-Making: Participatory Assessment of Mobility Policies in Belgium and Palestine

donderdag, 6 februari, 2014 - 12:00
Faculteit: Social Sciences and Solvay Business School
Levi Vermote

Doctoraatsverdediging van Levi Vermote met het proefschrift getiteld: 'Sustainable Mobility and Decision-Making: Participatory Assessment of Mobility Policies in Belgium and Palestine'.

Short Description: Human mobility is crucial for the economic development and social wellbeing of the global dweller. Still, current mobility activities do not rhyme with sustainable development since they evoke negative externalities such as fatal road accidents, traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions. The causal relation between these social, economic and ecologic aspects makes decision-processes towards sustainable mobility fairly complex, as policy strategies within one particular field include repercussions within several other interrelated fields.This doctoral dissertation structures elementary assessment constituents in a theoretical framework to assess the sustainability of mobility policies. As such, probable intended and unintended effects can be identified when policy‚Äźmakers are determined to choose between a wide range of policy options. To perform the actual sustainability assessment of mobility policies, the theoretical framework allows different assessment methodologies of which the Multi-actor Multi-criteria Analysis (MAMCA) is particularly found suitable. The MAMCA incorporates stakeholder objectives in the impact assessment of alternative mobility policies to examine their merits and the drawbacks with respect to sustainability.The dissertation extended the MAMCA methodology by adding a participatory involvement platform and by classifying the methodological steps according procedural impact assessment stages, to support the pragmatic sustainability assessment of mobility policies among governmental administrations. The theoretical framework is valorized for four particular case studies. Results show that the framework bridges discrepancies between different isolated scientific fields. Moreover, different degrees of public engagement are included to complete the framework with context specific assessment knowledge.

Promotor: Prof.dr. Cathy Macharis and Prof. Koen Putman

Committee Members: Prof. Jacek Zak; Prof. EM. Jean-Pierre Brans; Prof. Marie-Anne Guerry