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PhD Comic Night! With Jorge Cham

vrijdag, 11 december, 2015 - 19:00
ULB, Campus Solbosch, Building K
auditorium K1.105
ULB, Campus Solbosch, Building K auditorium K1.105
Adolphe Buyllaan, 1050 Elsene
TROPIMUNDO with Central PhD Office


Friday 11 December 2015 from 19h30 till 23h30 at ULB, Campus Solbosch, Building K, auditorium K1.105

07:00pm Opening of the doors

07:30-08:45pm Lecture on 'The Power of Procrastination/The Science Gap' by Jorge Cham

09:00-10:00pm The PhD Movie

10:00-10:20pm Intermission

10:20- 11:30pm The PhD Movie 2

Foodtrucks available all through the event!



This event is open for all PhD students and staff, and is organised just after the end of the course Scientific Presentation Skills and Career Planning


About the keynote address

Jorge CHAM was born and raised in Panama. He got his B.Sc. from Georgia Tech and his M.Sc. from Stanford University (USA), specializing in Robotics. He subsequently worked as in Instructor and Research Associate at Calltech for two years. Piled Higher and Deeper began at Stanford in 1997, and currently appears in over 30 newspapers and online, where it receives over 9 million page-views each month.

More info at www.phdcomics.com



Erasmus Mundus Masters Course in Tropical Biodiversity and Ecosystems - TROPIMUNDO in collaboration with Central PhD Commission, VUB Doctoral schools and ULB Postgraduate Office


Practical Information

Open to all researchers (PhD, postdocs,...) and academic staff. We would like to give priority to all students that have this course as an obligatory education unit, then to students who followed Module A of this event: Scientific Presentation Skills and Career Planning (you can find more information about this and register here), followed by PhD students from the Sciences (and Bio-Engineering Sciences) and other Faculties of ULB and VUB.