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Food for Thought "Tenure Track Challenges"

vrijdag, 24 februari, 2017 - 12:00
Campus: Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering campus
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The recently launched Tenure Track Network aims at bringing young VUB professors across faculties and disciplines together. During the Food for Thought, the network will discuss and exchange ideas on the challenges young professors face and how they can be solved.

One of the main challenges faced by Tenure Trackers is to reach their targets, the so called 'discipline-related evaluation criteria’, after five years on the job. However, some of these criteria raise questions: some are not clear, leave room for interpretation, have changed in the recent past… Furthermore, criteria differ across disciplines and faculties. The skills required to fulfil the criteria are not always developed and additional support like coaching and training could be meaningful to the Tenure Tracker. 

This Food for Thought event gives the opportunity to exchange ideas on evaluation criteria and on the support required by young professors in order to reach their targets. The outcome of the lunch is to provide input to the current and future university's policy.