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IOF-TTO event: Data & Software – How open is the future?

dinsdag, 17 oktober, 2017 - 09:30
Paleis der Academieën
Hertogsstraat 1 - 1000 Brussel

Joint IOF and TTO event 17 October 2017 – personal invitation only

What are the features of the data-driven economy of the future? What about the tension fields and opportunities this involves? How do policymakers support and accelerate the transition towards it?

Human activities, industrial processes and research all lead to data collection and processing on an unprecedented scale, resulting in new products and services as well as new business models and scientific methodologies. This new digital-driven industrial revolution offers enormous potential in all fields of society, ranging from health and food to energy and transport. How do we cope with these challenges and how open is the future with regards to data and software is a pertinent question becoming more urgent each day.

Each year the 5 Flemish universities organise 2 internal interuniversity events to discuss and tackle actual topics: one is destined to business developers and researchers linked to the ‘Industrieel OnderzoeksFonds (IOF)’;  the other one is organised specifically for tech transfer staff. In 2017 both events take place in Brussels and are combined in a full-day program.


More info on programme and practicalities here.

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