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Understanding heritage: salon with Rodney Harrison, Rotor and Isabelle Stengers

maandag, 13 februari, 2017 - 19:30
Ravensteinstraat 23, 1000 Brussels

Time implies processes of decay, destruction and forgetting. Heritage is often thought to be the preservation of old objects, places and practices that are valuable and at risk, yet we can also think of it as a series of practices situated in present society, engaging with the past to build a common future.
In this evening lecture Rodney Harrison presents alternative and provocative ways of thinking about heritage.
How does uncertainty about the deep future and the transformation of values affect heritage practice? How do institutions and people decide what to discard and what to keep in times of mass production and consumption? How is diversity preserved – or produced – in the domains of biology, culture, genetics and language, and what happens if these domains interact? How might we work with, rather than against, processes of decay and ruination in heritage conservation?


19:30h - Welcome by Jean Paul Van Bendegem (VUB)

19:35h - Lecture by Rodney Harrison (University college London): 'Understanding heritage as future making practices'

20:00h - Short response + presentation by Lionel Devlieger (Rotor)

20:15h - Short response by Anna Rispoli

20:30h - Discussion