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Colors of Rebellion: Art by Dalit Artists from India

maandag, 23 april, 2018 - 16:30
Campus: Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering campus
Expo en lezing

Dalit' is a self-chosen political term by people belonging to the lowest caste or formerly known 'Untouchables' in in India. Dalit means broken, or oppressed - broken by the unjust system of caste but determined to assert. The month of April is celebrated as Dalit History Month, in honor of Dr B. R. Ambedkar - dedicated human rights activist and founding father of modern India. Marking this occasion, a week-long Art exhibition of four prominent Dalit artists and journalists will take place in the VUB, in collaboration with RHEA Center starting from 23rd April. 

Dalit art is part of a powerful political history of activism. Dalits have for long articulated their rebelliousness against the upper caste domination through their unique artistic expressions, be it Dalit literature, poetry, and paintings. Their art subverts the hegemony, their art intersects and speaks volumes of multiple axes of social injustice and inequality. Be it gender, caste, religion, and class. Witness this long tradition that enriches and strengthens the community spirit.

On the opening evening of the Exposition Monday  April  23, 16.30 PM:

  • Prof. Karen Celis, Co-director of RHEA-Center for expertise on Gender, Diversity and Intersectionality will give a welcome note and talk about RHEA Center.
  • Prof. Chris Verschooten, teaches International Journalism in KULeven.  Her PhD dealt with the representation of Dalits in Indian print media.  In her talk Prof. Chris Verschooten will shade light on 'Dalit representation and participation in Indian Media' uncovering the bias of elite upper caste media against the oppressed community.
  • Ms. Swati Kamble will talk about the Dalit movement, Dalit History Month and the art exhibition.
  • A short video will be screened wherein the Dalit artists, whose artwork is on display talk about their artistic journey and inspiration. They speak candidly about what it means to be a Dalit and woman artist. They also shed light on how their art intersects with their Dalit-ness, woman-ness.

The exposition will officially open for public viewing.

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