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Ethics & Animal testing

donderdag, 6 december, 2018 - 12:00
Campus: Brussels Health Campus
R&D - Legal & Ethics Office
Lunch session

This session is fully booked!

Discussions about the practice and justification for animal experiments are a key part of research ethics.

Current debates and developments include the importance of transparency to increase public understanding and acceptance of animal research, the need to find alternative methods, the developments in the use of animals in immunotherapy research and the difficulty in determining humane endpoints in different animal models.

The session will consist of 4 presentations followed by a series of discussion tables, were people are free to join the discussions concerning the discussed topics.

It is also the place where (young) researchers can ask questions about actual ethical issues that they are faced with in their daily research.

The session will be led by the Vice Chairs of the ECD: prof. dr. Joery De Kock and prof. dr. Eline Menu.



Kirk Leech (Executive Director EARA): The need for transparency in animal research

Marleen Claes (Quality employee of the VUB, member of the ECD): Difficulties in determining humane endpoints in animal research

Em. prof. dr. Vera Rogiers (Former head of Research Group In Vitro Toxicology & Dermato-Cosmetology (IVTD), co-founder of the IC 3R’s of the VUB, co-founder of Ecopa): IC-3Rs and the use of alternative methods in scientific research

Cleo Goyvaerts (Researcher at the VUB): The role of experimental animals in research for immunotherapies in cancer - in light of the recent Nobel price award for medicine



Location: "Forum" Campus Jette

Time: 12:00-14:00

There will be food!