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Food for Thought "Senior Researchers' Training Needs"

donderdag, 11 oktober, 2018 - 12:00
Campus: Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering campus
Research Events
02 629 22 11
Food for Thought - Interdisciplinary lunch for VUB- & UZ-researchers

Registrations are now closed, please contact jane.verlinden@vub.be in case you wish to attend.

In this special Food for Thought edition, we want to spark discussion amongst senior researchers (professors and postdocs in all stages of their academic careers) about the training that they need in order to further develop their skills as an independent researcher.

As a senior researcher, you have undoubtedly built a rich expertise in your field. However, you will continue to face new challenges. For one, you will take on a growing amount of tasks throughout your career - publishing outstanding research, giving inspiring lectures, bringing in project funding, acting as good supervisor, making policy decisions, to name a few. In addition, the scientific landscape itself is constantly evolving – just think about the debate on open science and privacy as two recent examples.

Because balancing these different (and perhaps, new) roles plus keeping track of new developments is far from self-evident, we are working on our research professionalization training offer… and we want your feedback!!! Specifically, during the lunch we will provide a number of discussion points concerning the topics and formats of training. Your input will be used as an injection for our needs investigation and subsequent suggestions for the training program for senior researchers.