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Language policy and multilingual education - The case of Cameroon

vrijdag, 7 december, 2018 - 09:00
Campus: Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering campus
International colloquium

This colloquium aims to present general insights on language policy and multilingual education based on the variety and diversity of languages found in the country of Cameroon and their place and role in the national educational system which is dominated by education in non-Cameroonian languages with high prestige (English and French). The policy of revitalisation of the Cameroonian languages has constituted a huge interest from government authorities and researchers involved in the language teaching sphere. The necessity to preserve the local and national culture, to avoid language attrition and to promote Cameroonian languages and culture should be based on approaches of language instruction that take into consideration world globalisation and respond to the demands of a country that is open to the world. The colloquium will allow for the exploration of education systems and practices related to minority languages in a multilingual context. It will permit to appreciate national strategies to give coherence and direction to actions to promote multilingualism amongst individuals and in the society in general. This colloquium is connected to sustainable development as it highlights the importance of the use of local languages in a globalized world to promote the acquisition of foreign languages and content in a more efficient way.

The colloquium will discuss difficulties and relevant aspects about the establishment of multilingual approaches with the implication of regional and local languages at the national level. It will also give the opportunity to see if official languages (French and English) are considered as part of language identity and culture in addition to Cameroonian Languages. A particular interest will be given to language management and beliefs with regard to the national language policies and linguistic representations. Languages’ practices based on multilingual teaching approaches to foster the learning of official and non-official languages will constitute a relevant pattern of the discussion.                   

Scientific and organising committee: Prof. dr. Katja Lochtman, Mr. Theodore Nzounkio Bakop, Prof. dr. Esli Struys

Free entrance - registration required, estruys@vub.be