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PHOTONICS WORKSHOP: Traffic Indicator Lights for cyclists

vrijdag, 30 maart, 2018 - 10:00
Campus: Brussels Technology Campus
Fab Lab Brussel
VUB, B-PHOT & Fab Lab Brussel

2 LED-strips attached to a backpack or a high-visibility jacket. With a buttonbox, that magnetically attaches to a bike’s handlebars, you can control the blinking of the LED-strips.

You will be instructed in the use of an Arduino, a breadboard & basic programming. The circuit will be built and tested on a breadboard. During the second half of the workshop, you will convert the breadboarded circuit into a rugged, water-repellent, battery-powered controller. You will learn to solder, use shrink-tubes, use basic electronics tools and be instructed in the safe use of modern batteries.

At the end of the workshop, you can take home your traffic indicator lights for cyclists.

Who: 18+ years
: Friday 30/03/2018 from 10h until 16h     
Where: Fab Lab Brussel, Nijverheidskaai 170, 1070 Anderlecht (VUB Brussels Technology Campus)
What to bring: a backpack to attach the LED strips on. (If needed, we can also provide you a high-visibility jacket to put the LED-strips on.)

Register via this link. The whole workshop and material will be offered to you for free. The number of participants is limited to 15. More information: tdepauw@b-phot.org

Workshop in the framework of PHABLABS 4.0 (www.phablabs.eu) and in collaboration with VUB.