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Strategy of Sustainable Development of China

woensdag, 27 juni, 2018 - 09:00
Campus: Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering campus
Black room

The economic boom of China during the past decennia is one of the largest and longest sustained in history. But China has paid the price with a severe pollution of the environment. China has reacted with a shift towards a development model that is more sustainable since a few years. Organising and carying out such a change in policy and actual development is a very complex and difficult task. 

On 27 June, Prof. Dr. Yue Gao, Prof. Dr. Marc Elskens and Prof. Dr. Philippe Claeys will organise an international workshop at the VUB. Together with a panel of experts from China and the UK: Wei Guo, Mengchang He, Ding Fu, Kevin Jones and Hao Davison. Together they will discuss and communicate with the public about diverse environmental pollutants in various systems and the strategies to deal with these problems. The workshop will contribute to improve the existing monitoring programmes in China and supply a strategy for policy makers.

Workshop timetable:

Hour Activity
09:30 Welcome Talk by Prof. Philippe Claeys/ Prof. Marc Elskens and Prof. Xinning Song
10:00 Metals and nutrients pollution in Chinese soils - probems and solutions (Prof. Hao Zhang, Lancaster University, UK)
10:30 Coffee break
10:45 Water Pollution in China: status and management strategy (Prof. Yue Gao)
11:15 China's Animony Pollution Problem and latest Environmental Policies (Prof. Mengchang He, Beijing Normal University, China)
11:45 Lunch Pause
13:00 Organic Contaminants in the Chinese Environment (Prof. Kevin Jones, Lancaster Unversity, UK)
13:30 Air Pollution in Beijing: Problems and Improvement Strategies (Dr. Wei Guo, Southern University of Science and Technology, China)
14:00 Coffee break
14:15 Bioanalytical Tools for Environmental Pollutants: in Urban Areas (Prof. Marc Elskens)
14:45 Advanced Instruments for Analysis of Environmental Pollutants (Prof. Fu Ding, Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, China)
15:15 Closure of the workshop (Prof. Yue Gao/ Prof. Marc Elskens