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VUB Chair 'Smart Cities' announces: Envisioning and Monitoring the Transition towards Smart Cities

donderdag, 6 december, 2018 - 12:00
WTC Building
Koning Albert II-Laan 30, 1000 Brussels
Join our last master class of 2018: Envisioning and Monitoring the transition towards smart cities
Like Rome, a smart city is not built overnight. The transition towards a smart city requires a combination of innovative thinking, sensible use of technology, various smart city actors shaping meaningful application with and for the city and its citizens, embedded in a long term strategic policy.
On Thursday 6th of December, the VUB Chair on Smart Cities, promoted by Prof. Dr. Pieter Ballon, organises an event to conclude the series of master classes for 2018. During this event in Brussels, we will focus on the transition towards Smart Cities:
(1) Smart city representatives Filis Zumbultas (Brussels), Gino Dehullu (Roeselare) and Zoé Lejeune (Seraing) will share their strategy, actions and projects for their city to become smart(er) in the coming years,
(2) Researchers Jan Waeben (imec-SMIT), Jonas Van Bockhaven (Smart City Institute HEC Liège) and Nikolaos Kontinakis (Eurocities) present different approaches in monitoring smart cities.
Opening talk of this event will be given by newly elected mayor of Leuven, Mohamed Ridouani.
Participation is free, but registration is required. Register here (in Dutch "Transitie naar de slimme stad: Van strategie tot monitoring") or here (in French: "Transition à la ville intelligente: Stratégie et Suivi"). English speaking only? Please contact Lizzy Bleumers (lbleumer@vub.be).