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Ethics Week 2019 - "Take a position! Positionality and Diversity in Research"

woensdag, 4 december, 2019 - 18:00
Campus: Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering campus
Research events
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As researchers, we want our discoveries to help people – but what assumptions do we make about the people involved in our projects? And can we overcome those assumptions? 

Every research project involves a small army of people – not just research participants, but research assistants, students, and the people who might ultimately use the research results. Despite our best intentions, it’s difficult to avoid making assumptions about the people involved. Sometimes those assumptions can even be dangerous: for example, car crash test dummies are based on male bodies, which means car safety neglects the needs of half the population. 

This session looks at how we as researchers can deal with the (inevitable) assumptions we make based on our own social positions and our relationship to the people we work with. Our panellists will each pose a dilemma based on their experience of working with people, and the audience will get the chance to help construct a solution. 

This is an interdisciplinary session: researchers from four different faculties will be involved. 

Presentations by:

  • Michiel De Proost
  • Eva Vergaert
  • Pieter Smets
Moderated by:
  • Gily Coene

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