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vrijdag, 11 oktober, 2019 - 09:00
Campus: Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering campus
Karel van Miert Building (Pleinlaan 5)
floor -1

The Institute for European Studies (IES) at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) kindly invites you to participate at the second high-level conference on TRADE DEFENCE INSTRUMENTS (TDI) on Friday 11 October 2019.

After the successful launch of this format last year, this year’s edition will look at the implementation of the EU’s domestic TDI reform, the challenges posed by BREXIT and the ongoing WTO crisis. Moreover, specialists in the field will review the main developments in the field that occurred in 2018.

The TDI YEARLY 2019 will be opened by the EU’s Ambassador to the WTO, Marc Vanheukelen. A panel dedicated to the EU’s new methodology on significant distortions will hear a report from Frank Hoffmeister, while the next panel on modernization is chaired by the Deputy Secretary-General of the European Trade Union Association, Per Hilmersson. A high-level representative from the future UK Trade Defence Authority and Judge Ian Forrester (Judge at the European Court of Justice, TBC) will shed light on the CJEU's recent cases on TDI, while the former hearing officer of DG Trade, Hannes Welge, is chairing the WTO session.  All panels will profit from input of prominent speakers from the European Commission (DG Trade and Legal Service), business associations, and specialised law firms.

Conference programme

The programme was designed with the kind help of a steering committee composed of the specialised trade lawyers Renato Antonini, Yves Melin, Bernard O'Connor, Olivier Prost, Edwin Vermulst and Frank Hoffmeister, Professor for International Economic Law at the Institute.  

Registration and venue

The event will take place in the Institute's premises at Pleinlaan 5, Brussels. To registerm please fill in the following form by 1 October 2018 at the latest. Once the admission fee of 100 € (which includes lunch) is paid, your registration will become valid.

As the capacity of the conference room is restricted, you are advised to register early. Reimbursement of the fee is only possible if you cancel at least 3 days in advance, i.e. by 8 October 2019 (c.o.b.).