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Chinese Language Courses Spring 2021

maandag, 14 december, 2020 - 20:00 to maandag, 21 juni, 2021 - 20:00
Campus: Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering campus
evening courses

The VUB organises Chinese language courses for young and old at its Etterbeek Campus. We guarantee that the language of instruction is English (and/or Chinese depending on the course level). You can also find our video here.

Group Courses

The Chinese language courses at VUB are based on the official HSK levels (the official Mandarin Chinese language test). We also use the official HSK textbooks and workbooks. The new semester starts on Monday 8 Februari in an online setting. As the situation changes, the courses may be organised on the VUB Etterbeek campus (and/or blended with online support) during the semester. Courses are offered on 5 to 6 different levels:

Level Time Duration Description Status
HSK 1 Thursday 18:00 - 20:00 (21:00) 2 hours / week Beginner low  (0-150 words) starting new course
HSK 2 Monday 18:00 - 20:00 (21:00) 2 hours / week Beginner high (150-300 words)  continuation* 
HSK 3 Tuesday 18:00 - 20:00 (21:00) 2 hours / week Intermediate low (300-600 words) continuation*
HSK 4 Wednesday 18:00 - 20:00 2 hours / week Intermediate high (600-1200 words) continuation*
HSK 5 Thursday 18:30-21:30** 3 hours / week Advanced low (1200-2500 words) continuation*
HSK 6 TBA   Advanced high (2500-5000+ words) starting new course

* continuation of previous semester. Starting as a new student is still possible. Contact learningchinese@vub.be to check if your level matches with the ongoing courses.

** for HSK 5: Course also includes 1 hour of recorded instruction, grammar and vocabulary explanation for self-study.

The courses are organised as a full year course trajectory with a module each semester. The tuition fee is calculated below (in EUR):

  Teacher fee VUB admin fee Total Reduced fee (staff/students)
2 hour course 132,8 27,2 160 100
3 hour course 149,4 30,6 180 120

The duration of the course is decided by the students and the teacher. If the class is 3 hours, select the 'extra hour' option in the payment form. Discuss the class hours with the teacher before enroling or select the 'extra hour' option after the start of the classes. Tuition fee payment is non-refundable.

Depending on the evolution of the pandemic, a switch to classes on the VUB campus may be feasible during the semester. In that case, further arrangements such as going from a 2 to a 3 hour class will be discussed with the teacher.

The purchase of course books is not included in the tuition fee. Textbooks and workbooks can be purchased on the online bookshop for the Chinese Language Evening Courses.


You can currently also pre-register for the Spring semester. This preregistration helps us to plan the courses for the next semester based on the minimum student number. The official registration will become available on 18 January 2021. 

Private Courses

If you are interested in private courses, please send an email to learningchinese@vub.be to arrange further. The standard tuition fee is 40 EUR per hour, but can be negotiated according to the number of courses and other arrangements. Please pay the tuition fee within ten days after receiving the payment request. 


Do you need a textbook or workbook for your language course at the VUB. Find and buy all you need at our online bookshop. If the book you are looking for is not available, send us an email to get more information. Always contact your teacher before continuing to the payment of the books.

General Conditions

  • Students can obtain a refund if they witdraw their enrolment within two weeks before the start of the lessons; a minimum of 17% of the tuition fee is withheld to cover administration costs.
  • A minimum of five students is required to run a course. If less then five students enroll for a class, the VUB retains the right to cancel the course for the semesters or postpone until more students enroll.
  • Students with prior knowledge of Chinese can arrange an assessment test. Please contact us to schedule an appointment for the test.
  • The purchase of course books and other didactic materials is not included in the tuition fee.
  • If a series of classes for which you enrolled, is moved to another day, the tuition fee can be refunded upon request if the new course dates do not fit for your.
  • A course consists of 12 weeks with contact hours (offline or online depending on circumstances) and one exam session. 
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