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Food for Thought "Post colonial theory in research and education"

vrijdag, 24 april, 2020 - 12:00
Campus: Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering campus
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Debates on diversity and ‘decolonization’ seem omnipresent nowadays and reflect a growing interest in how inequalities based on gender, ‘race’, religion, sexuality, class, age and ability shape our societies and also our educational spaces.
Post-colonial theory offers indispensable tools to historicize, analyze and understand how such processes differentiations are inextricably linked to the ongoing impact of imperialism and colonialism on our categories of thought, discourses, institutions and ways of relating to each other. In research and education, the interest in post-colonial theory seems to be increasing.
But since post-colonial studies are poorly developed in the Belgian context, post-colonial theorists remain often unknown, are largely absent from the current curriculum and post-colonial theory itself is often misunderstood or misrepresented.

This Food For Thought aims to connect lecturers and researchers with interest and/or experience in working with post-colonial theory, to discuss how post-colonial theory is currently understood and applied, and how it can be integrated in research, education and the curriculum. Hosted by: Elisabeth Bekers, Susan Dierickx, Benoît Henriet, Janine Hauthal, Marc Van den Bossche, Sophie Withaeckx


Practical details:

  • Date: April 24th, 2020
  • Location: U-Residence
  • Time: 12:00-02:00pm
  • Places are limited and registration is mandatory



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