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CPDP 2021: Enforcing rights in a changing world

woensdag, 27 januari, 2021 - 08:30 to vrijdag, 29 januari, 2021 - 18:30
Privacy Salon vzw

As humanity is facing a global pandemic reshaping our lives, governments are discussing measures ranging from contact tracing apps to immunity passports and long-term border restrictions. Meanwhile, a considerable part of our daily lives is moving online as telemedicine and online classrooms substitute in-person encounters. Amidst these changes, this year’s overarching CPDP theme “Enforcing Rights in a Changing World” asks how data protection and privacy are maintained post-pandemic.

CPDP2021 will serve as a platform to discuss, and seek answers, to these questions and many more.


Find the preliminary program for CPDP2021 on our website. A more detailed version will be released mid-January. 

What to expect at CPDP2021:

  • An online programme packed with lots of inspiring panels. Topics include Digital Services Act, data retention, digital sovereignity, automated decision-making in the public sector, workplace surveillance, data science and the COVID-19 pandemic, AI and discrimination, AI in Smart Cities  and much more

  • More than 80 panels, workshops and special sessions with over 400 international speakers from academia, public and private sectors and civil society

  • 1000+ attendees from all around the world

  • Promising PhD students and experienced researchers presenting their work

  • Loads of great public side events, including an online museum and cinema, meet and greets with artists and breakout sessions by different sponsors and partners. All of this will take place in the incredible CPDP world created through Gather.Town, where you’ll hover around as avatar and easily meet-up with and bump into like-minded colleagues and friends


It's up to all of us to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Together with our partners, we take our responsibility. Following the measures taken by the authorities, we decided that this January 27-29, CPDP2021 will go fully online.