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Ethics week: Student session: Research Master Gerontology sciences and Master biomedical sciences

donderdag, 2 december, 2021 - 12:00
Via Teams

2nd December: Student session from the Research Master Gerontology sciences and Master biomedical sciences (12:00-14:00)

The Master’s students from the programmes in Gerontology and Biomedical Sciences will lead two thematic seminar sessions: 

  • Genetically Modified Organisms, a scientific domain that should be encouraged or questioned?
    This debate focusses on the use of genetically modified food and whether food adapted by crispr-cas can be considered as a genetic modified organism (GMO). In addition, the current legislation for GMOs in different countries and the safety of eating GMOs will be discussed. The questions asked in the debate would enable to reflect on different opinions considering economic, nutritional and environmental issues of GMOs.
  • What healthcare for an ageing prison population? 
    For this ethics week debate we will discuss various aspects of healthcare for prisoners in Belgium. We will specifically look at healthcare for prisoners with physical and mental health problems, we will consider the issue of ageing prisoners and we will discuss if there are viable alternatives to providing this type of care in prisons. Expect to engage with thought provoking, uncomfortable questions such as “should a person with a life sentence receive a heart transplant?” or “what if an older prisoner requires expensive aids and adaptations to function normally within the prison environment?”

More info: https://www.vub.be/weekvandeethiek#programme-and-registration-ethics-week-2021