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VUB Chair in Surveillance Studies Seminar VII: Surveillance capitalism in the Global South: at the intersection of platform interests and far-right disinformation campaigns with Rafael Evangelista, chaired by Lucas Melgaço

woensdag, 1 december, 2021 - 14:00
Campus: Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering campus
Faculteit: Recht en Criminologie
Online (Microsoft Teams)
VUB Chair in Surveillance Studies


In the 2018 Brazilian presidential elections, social networks and instant messengers played a key role both in the mobilization of voters and the spread of disinformation. As global surveillance capitalism platforms, these networks demand an integrated comprehension of its global operations. Through partnerships with local actors its tools and services also impact local contexts. Using a Global South research perspective to discuss the spread of political disinformation in Brazil, this seminar explores how the country's far-right was able to set up and/or control several WhatsApp and Telegram open chat groups. Functioning as hub for audience, page views and engagement with disinformation media content, the producers were then able to monetize their content on platforms like YouTube or GoogleAds embedded in web pages. In this seminar, we show how the interests of platforms, far-right leaders and low-budget media producers may intersect.

About the speaker

Rafael Evangelista is a professor in the Graduate program in Popularization of Science and Culture at State University of Campinas (Unicamp), Brazil. He is a journalist and social scientist with a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology. He is a co-founder of the Latin American Network of Surveillance, Technology and Society Studies (Lavits). He is the author of the recently released ebook Beyond Machines of Loving Grace: Hacker Culture, Cybernetics and Democracy. For all questions related to this seminar, please contact Bram Visser (bram.visser@vub.be).

We are looking forward to welcoming you all!

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