Being outstanding leaders with significant and recognized contribution to the engineering world the “Engineering Fellows VUB” are expected to strengthen the collaboration between the faculty and the industry and to increase the awareness for relevant industrial and societal problems. The engineering fellows will be the permanent link between faculty and industry and guarantee the exchange of knowledge and competences necessary for a sustained innovation process. An active cooperation between the faculty and businesses is also mandatory to increase the entrepreneurial attitude of the current and future student population and consequently create their desire to begin a business and as such support economic prosperity and growth. 

Engineering is a male-dominated environment and in engineering education female students are by far underrepresented. Breaking the stereotype of linking masculinity and engineering is one of the major goals of our top female fellows. They will encourage more female students to follow engineering studies and to opt for an exciting career. Both women and men with scientific and technical skills are needed to build a sustainable future!

Faculty Fellowship coordinator
Abdellah Touhafi