The  Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences are policy makers and/or socially valued and talented individuals. The faculty wants to distinguish them because of their proven contributions to the field of psychology and/or educational sciences, such as exemplary leadership, effective socially relevant efforts and initiatives, creativity, social entrepreneurship, educational impact, knowledge transfer, and various kinds of involvement in the university, the faculty and particular departments.

Fellows commit themselves to support our academic education programmes and research projects. They are considered ambassadors who will help the faculty to enlarge its social network and enforce its societal impact in an active way.

Because of Kurt Lewin’s seminal scientific work on a plethora of topics that are still highly relevant and encompass current research and teaching programmes at the faculty, he can be considered very representative for our academic work. Moreover, with his background and dual nationality, Kurt Lewin – being of German origin (now part of Poland) and fled before the war to the US – fits very well with the mission of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, “rejecting dogmatic positions and guaranteeing the freedom to form opinions without interference”.

Faculty Fellowship Coordinator
Dominique Verté