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5 March 2019


CORE Doctoral School with Grijs Dreijer



4 March 2019


WRG : Les pouvoirs de jouir, d’exclure et de disposer : des méta-concepts pour l’étude historique du droit des biens


28 February 2019 

L&C Talk :
 Anna Di Ronco (University of Essex) - The representation of environmental protest online and offline


28 February 2019 

Law, Slow Science, Technology and Society - L(S)STS Gatherings

25 February 2019


Brussels Privacy Hub Event - The Trouble with Article 25 (and How to Fix It): The Future of Data

22 February 2019

 IES Event : "The Drone Age: Issues, actors and perspectives"


18 February 2019


WRG : Tim Christiaens - Negri and operaismo 

11 February 2019 


WRG : 
Laurence Diver - Digisprudence: the affordance of legitimacy in code-as-law

7 February 2019

Law, Slow Science, Technology and Society - L(S)STS Gatherings 

1 February 2019
Privacy Salon Event : 
Micro-targeting and tactical fiction
31 January 2019

Dance like no-one is watching : the official CPDP party!
31 January 2019

Privacy Salon Event : 
Quantification will tear us apart

31 January 2019

Privacy Salon Event : 
Faceless: Re-inventing Privacy Through Subversive Media Strategies

31 January 2019

European Parliamentary Research Services: 
Personal data protection, (dis)information, algorythtms - European perspectives

30 January – 1 February

CPDP 2019 - Data Protection and Democracy
30 January 2019

Privacy Salon & Architempo Event: PechaKucha 

30 January 2019


Privacy Salon Event: MegaPixels: Who is in publicly available facial recognition datasets? 

30 January 2019


Brussels Privacy Hub & Brussels Privacy Forum Event : Digital Data flows Masterclass : De-Identification

29 January 2019

Privacy Salon & LSTS Event 
CPDP2019 Opening night: Book Launch of Shoshana Zuboff’s "The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power"

29 January 2019

Privacy Salon & LSEC Event 
: GDPR Salon 2019 under patronage of the Belgian Data Protection Authority

29 January 2019

Privacy camp 2019: After-party!


29 January 2019

Privacy Salon Event: 
Privacy Camp 2019 : platforms, politics, participation

28 January 2019

European Data Protection Supervisor
IPEN Privacy Engineering Workshop 2019 - Data Protection Day 2019

28 January 2019


WRG : Chantal Lavallée - The EU drone policy : A new field of action for the European Commission


17 January 2019


Law, Slow Science, Technology and Society - L(S)STS Gatherings, session animated by René Mahieu
15 January 2019 CORE Doctoral School

14 January 2019

WRG : 
Monique Mann - 'Ass access' but not 'a backdoor'?: The fives eyes' war on maths

11 January 2019


Brussels Privacy Hub : 
Doctoral seminar with Imge Ozcan - Situating the 'data subject': self-tracking in between big data culture and citizen science

10 January 2019

LSTS Event: 

Jasmine Guffond - Listening Back: Sonification and Surveillance


20 December 2018


Law, Slow Science, Technology and Society - L(S)STS Gatherings : 'In-disciplining data', chaired by Gloria Gonzalez Fuster

18 December 2018

Brussels Privacy Hub Book launch: BEING PROFILED: COGITAS ERGO SUM


17 December 2018


Brussels Privacy Hub 
  Meet the Author Series: Algorithmic discrimination under EU law (Dr. Philipp Hacker)


14 December 2018

CORE Event : 
Workshop - Transferring and Translating Concepts in Law and History, 2nd Workshop of Average - Transaction Costs and Risk Management during the First Globalization (Sixteenth-Eighteenth Centuries) 


13-14 December 2018

CORE Event : Colloquium Joseph-Marie Portalis (1778-1858): diplomate, magistrat et législateur


13 December 2018

Brussels Privacy Hub Launch: VUB Chair on "Data protection on the ground"

13 December 2018


FRC Event: Demand in the context of human trafficking - DESIrE final conference 

10 December 2018

Privacy Salon & LSTS Event - Algorithms & Society Workshop


3 December 2018


Brussels Privacy Hub - 
Doctoral seminar with Istvan Böröcz on "The privacy challenges evoked by human enhancement technologies concerning the human mind: Comprehensive anticipatory analysis as a legal obligation for the protection of the right to privacy in Europe

30 November 2018



Brussels Privacy Hub - The copyright directive and concerns for free expression, big data innovation and access to information 


29 November 2018


Law, Slow Science, Technology and Society - L(S)STS Gatherings, session chaired by Niels Van Dijk


28 November 2018



L&C Talk: Elisabetta Fiocchi Malaspina - The reception of Emer de Vattel’s Law of nations and the unification of Italy 


27 November 3018


Brussels Privacy Hub - Digital Dataflows Masterclass Session 2: Location Data: GPS, Wi-Fi, and Spatial Analytics


27 November 3018


Brussels Privacy Hub - Big Data and Cybersecurity in China and the EU: Identifying points of convergence and future cooperation

26 November 2018


Brussels Privacy Hub - 
Doctoral seminar with Sergi Vazquez Maymir on "Equality of arms and electronic evidence gathering in the EU"

19 November 2018


WRG : Eike Gräf -  Mindless domination? How dynamic algorithmic systems challenge neo-republican theory.



15 November 2018



Law, Slow Science, Technology and Society - L(S)STS Gatherings: Serge Gutwirth - Reactions to ECJ ruling on genome editing & the relations and articulations of law, science and politics 

12 November 2018

 - "Sur l'État", Pierre Bourdieu. Ending session, chaired by Corentin Chanet 


7 November 2018 

Brussels Privacy Hub 
Meet the Author Series: Transatlantic Jurisdictional Conflicts in Data Protection Law (Dr. Mistale Taylor) 

5 November 2018



WRG : Frederik Zuiderveen - Algorithmic decision-making, price discrimination and discrimination law 



23 October 2018



L&C Talk: Justine Poon - Can we have a future? Time in Australian Refugee Law 


22 October 2018



LSTS Thesis Defence : Thesis Defence of Dara Hallinan - "Feeding biobanks with genetic data. What role can the General Data Protection Regulation play in the protection of genetic privacy in research biobanking in the European Union?"


22 October 2018



WRG : Michael Veale - Algorithms that remember: Model inversion attacks and data protection law 


15 October 2018



METAJURIDICA Reading Group - "Sur l'État", Pierre Bourdieu. Session focusing on the Private and the Public and chaired by Gloria Gonzalez Fuster




11 October 2018



Brussels Privacy Hub Event : "Data localisation: Analysing a growing global regulatory phenomenon"


 8 October



WRG : Aleksandra Kuczerawy - Freedom of expression in the era of gatekeeping 

2 October 2018


Brussels Privacy Hub – Doctoral seminar with Gianclaudio Malgieri on “Dynamic Inalienability of personal data in the age of online Unfair Imbalance”


1 October 2018


CORE Doctoral School : Kaat Capelle - Marriage Contracts in 16th Century Antwerp 

1 October 2018


WRG : Christophe Marchand - Catalan case and EAW: the position of the defense in Belgium 


27 September 2018 

deDebatten Event: Politie en Burger in Brussel (Emeritaatsviering Prof. Els Enhus) (19h-21h30, deBuren, Leopoldstraat 6, 1000 Brussel)


24 September 2018  


METAJURIDICA Reading Group - "Sur l'État", Pierre Bourdieu. Session focusing on the historical perspective and chaired by Frederik Dhondt 


17 September 2018


WRG : Karine Silva - War on bots: navigating the regulatory opportunities for private sector intervention against cybercrime


19 July 2018


Brussels Privacy Hub - Doctoral seminar with Anbar Jayadi (Hub Visiting Scholar) on “Indonesia’s readiness in data privacy enforcement”


3 July 2018


Brussels Privacy Hub Thesis Defense - Thesis Defense of Brussels Privacy Hub Fellow Mistale Taylor


27 June 2018

L&C Talk : Anna Johnston – The view from Down Under: How the GDPR (and other forces) are shaping privacy law and practice in Australia

27 June 2018


Brussels Privacy Hub event - "The GDPR in third countries: The opportunities of the Modernisation of the Convention 108" with Péter Kimpián (Council of Europe)

25 June 2018

L&C Talk : Laurent de Sutter  – Après la loi

25 June 2018


Brussels Privacy Hub event - 3rd European Data Protection Law Summer School: Opening keynote event on “Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Data Protection Law” with Paul Nemitz, Principal Advisor to the Director General for Justice and Consumers of the European Commission


18 June 2018


Brussels Privacy Hub - Doctoral seminar with Claudia Quelle on "The legitimization of data processing: control and responsibility in the GDPR finally"


11 June 2018


Brussels Privacy Hub - Doctoral seminar with Lina Jasmontaite on “Framing cybersecurity competence in the EU through mandatory data breach and incident notification regime”


8 June 2018


L&C Talk : Mathias Holvoet – International Criminal Responsibility in the Age of Social Media


6 June 2018


Brussels Privacy Hub – Law Enforcement Data Access Series – Encrypted Data : Challenges and Opportunities


4 June 2018


Brussels Privacy Hub - Doctoral seminar with Barbara Diaz Alaminos  on  “Artificial intelligence and copyrights: originality and authorship”


4 June 2018


Brussels Privacy Hub Event : Roundtable with Nuala O'Connor on "Balancing Privacy and Security in the US and across the Atlantic"



29 May 2018


Core guest lecture : Rostane Mehdi – Les crises de l’Europe


24 May 2018


LSTS Event : How do Apps function in platform ecologies like Facebook?

 24 May 2018


IES Event : Algorithms and Antitrust: New Clouds on the Legal Horizon?

17 May 2018


deDebatten event : Debate on the American constitution

9 May 2018


LIVE_FOR Roundtable : Law Enforcement Data Access Series - The New EU Framework on e-Evidence 


 7 May 2018


Brussels Privacy Hub - Doctoral seminar with Laura Drechsler on “EU data subject rights in cross-border data transfers” 

 26 April 2018


deDebatten event : Debate on the UK constitution 


23 April 2018



Brussels Privacy Hub - Doctoral seminar with René Mahieu on "The science of access request; empowering citizens in practice?"

 23 April 2018


LSTS Thesis Defense: Thesis Defense of Rosamunde Van Brakel

 23 April 2018


CORE Doctoral School 


18 April 2018



Brussels Privacy Hub Event - Law Enforcement Data Access Series: US CLOUD-Act: Signalling change in global data flows?

5 April 2018


BIRMS (New VUB platform on migration and diversity) event : Book discussion with Renée on "Divergent Fates: Origins, Destinations and the Sociology of the Second Generation" 

 2 March 2018



FRC Thesis Defense : Thesis Defense of Mathias Holvoet

 5 February - 30 March 2018


Exhibition Photo-Voice - A glimpse on victims’ experiences of human trafficking

 29 March 2018


deDebatten event : Debate on the French constitution 


15 March 2018



WRG : Liisa Janssens - Making innovations ready for market: TRL & Legal Protection by Design


15 March 2018


deDebatten event Debate on the Dutch constitution


13 March 2018



PAG ASA & FRC eventBehind the curtain of exploitation: The lives of victims before, during, &after human trafficking 


12 March 2018




Brussels Privacy Hub Event : Conference on Data Protection in Humanitarian Action


8 March 2018


VUB - LSTS - d.pia.lab Event : The automation of privacy- and data protection impact assessments with Dariusz Kloza, IstvánBöröcz and Marco Giacalone 


 7 March 2018


LIVE_FOR Event : First part of LIVE_FOR Educational Workshop - Webinar on European Investigation Order and Digital Forensics 

1 March 2018


WRG : Goedele de Keersmaeker Discussant : Frederik Dhondt) - - Polarity, Balance of Power and International Relations Theory: Post-Cold War and the 19th Century compared

22 February 2018


WRG : Amedeo Arena - The (non)absolute character of EU primacy


20 February 2018



Brussels Privacy Hub lunch-time event Putting a price on you invaluable private life? Personal data and the values behind 


15 February 2018


WRG : Emre Bayamlioglu - Transparency of Automated Decisions in the GDPR: An Attempt for systemization

 13 February 2018


CORE doctoral school


25 January-18 February 2018


Exhibition Watching You, Watching Me - A photographic response to surveillance


26 January 2018 



10.00 - 11.30 - Algorithms and computational propaganda in social media – do we have enough data to start policy debate?

16.00 - 17.15 - A discussion around Painted by numbers – A discursive installation on algorithmic regimes. 


25 January 2018


14.15 - 15.45 - Mini design jam: Cross-industry sprints for privacy by design. 

17.00 - 18.30 - Closing plenary of the Move It Forward – female digital starters event “Women’s Health and Big Data”. 

19.00 - 21.00 - Opening of the Watching You, Watching Me exhibition & roundtables

19.00 - 00.00 - Digital Freedom Fund Launch Party @ CPDP

24 January 2018


19.30 - 21.00 - Malware, hacking and data leaks – a discussion about the current state of cybersecurity in Europe. 

20.20 - 22.00 - PechaKucha. 


23 January 2018




08.30 - 18.00 - GDPR Salon.

9.30 - 17.45 – Privacy Camp – “Speech, Settings and [In]Security by Design”.

12.30 - 17.00 - Data protection certification mechanisms and standards - workshop on industry needs and views on the new GDPR certification.

17.00 - 18.30 - The internet of the human body: towards a habeas data? – EPRS policy round-table

18.00 - CPDP launch event - “Cross-border data transfers: Effective protection and government access, in particular in the transatlantic context”.


15 January 2018



LIVE_FOR Project Event : Roundtable - The European Investigation Order: Challenges to Fundamental Rights and Sovereignty in the Digital Age 


18 December  2017



Privacy Hub event : Meet the Author : Lunchtime debate on “The therelationship between EU consumer law and data protection”

14 December 2017


Emeritaatsviering Professor Jef Van Bellingen 


7 December 2017



Privacy Hub Event : Workshop on the draft ePrivacy Regulation and its effect on big data and data analytics

7 December 2017


WRG : Estelle Delaine - Studying the production of hate speeches - methodological questions arisen by an ethnography with Front National leaders


4-7 December 2017


Privacy Hub event : Four day DPO training in Brussels


1 December 2017



FRC Thesis Defence : Thesis Defence of Jozefien Van Caeneghem



30 November 2017


Privacy Salon Conference : (Verstikkende) controle op kinderen door slim speelgoed en GPS-trackers

 9 November 2017



1) WRG :  Gabriela Zanfir-Fortuna - Challenges and opportunities that EU data protection lawyers/scholars encounter in the US


2) WRG : Gianclaudio Malgieri (Discussant : Paul Quinn) Sensitivity and Legibility of Human-Data Interactions in the Quantified-Self Era 


6 November 2017


Privacy Hub event : Brussels Privacy Symposium - AI Ethics: The Privacy Challenge 


26 October 2017



Brussels Privacy Hub Event : Conference - Data protection and ethics. Does more ethics imply more duties for controllers ?


26 October 2017



L&C Talk : Sylvie De Raedt  - The extent of the right to private life in the framework of the gathering of information by the tax authorities  


25 October 2017


L&C Talk : Marc Rotenberg - Inverted Liberty: Privacy, Transparency, and Democratic Governance

12 October 2017



WRG : Simon Davies (Discussant: Dariusz Kloza) - The Freedom Index: a global project to preserve and enhance privacy and human rights data 


12 October 2017


Privacy Hub Event : Conference  Jurisdiction, Conflict of Laws and Data Protection in Cyberspace   

 9-12 October 2017


Privacy Hub event : Four day DPO training in Brussels 

5 October 2017


Privacy Hub Event : GDPR Workshop Series - The Implications of the GDPR for Research Involving Genetic Data

 25-29 September 2017



Brussels Privacy Hub Event :  39th International Conference of Data Protection Privacy Commissioners

 20 September 2017



Brussels Privacy Hub Event :  Meet the Author: Lunchtime debate on “The EU as Guardian of Internet Privacy”


3 July 2017



WRG :  Meg Leta Jones (Georgetown University) - Article 22 and a Lack Thereof. A Comparative History and Future of a Right to a Human in the Loop  


28 June 2017



Brussels Privacy Hub Event :  Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Relations as a Challenge for Democracy • Book launch and evening debate



27 June 2017



Brussels Privacy Hub Event : GDPR Workshop Series: The ePrivacy Regulation: where are we at?



26 – 30 June 2017



Brussels Privcy Hub Event: 2nd European Data Protection Law Summer School: The GDPR is now


26 June 2017


WRG :  Raphaël Cahen


26 June 2017



Brussels Privcy Hub Event: Summer School Keynote Address & Reception - EU Data Protection Now: Priorities & Challenges



21 June 2017



FRC Thesis Defense : Thesis Defense of Marijke De Pauw

19 June 2017


WRG :  Sibel Top - The critical Human Rights juncture between extradition law and asylum law: Going beyond the Aznar Protocol


16 June 2017


FRC Thesis Defense : Thesis Defense of Julia Muraszkiewicz 

15 June 2017


LSTS Thesis Defense: Thesis Defense of Raphael Gellert

13 June 2017


WRG :  Jake Slosser (University of Kent) - Understanding EuropeanData Privacy Law: ApplyingCognitive Linguistics to Conceptual Change in the Digital Age

12 June 2017


WRG :   Inès Gallala - Regulating Emerging Forensic DNA Technologies



30 May 2017



Brussels Privacy Hub Event - Lunchtime lecture: The Potential for Impact Assessments in eHealth and mHealth Projects



19 May 2017



Brussels Privacy Hub Event - Lunchtime lecture: The Right to Data Portability


15 May 2017



L&C Talk :  Eric Schnakenbourg (Univ. Nantes) - The End of Neutrality During World War I. A Question Asked in the Wrong Way


11 May 2017



CORE and POLI Guest Lecture – Stella Ghervas (University of Alabama at Birmingham & Harvard University) : Conquering Peace : From Enlightenment to the European Union



5 May 2017



Brussels Privacy Hub Event -  Lunchtime lecture: Data Ownership: A data protection perspective 



24 April 2017

WRG : Niels Van Dijk – Make the way for Robots! Role for Autonomy in Building a Euroepan Public-Private Partnership


24 April 2017



Privacy Hub Event : GDPR Workshop Series: Health and Well-being Apps – Problematic Legal Issues



20 April 2017


deDebatten event : Federalist papers


20 April 2017



DeBuren event : Edmund Burke: Zin en onzin van het vooroordeel


19 April 2017


FRC Thesis Defense : Thesis Defense of Auke Willems

21 March 2017



Privacy Hub Event : GDPR Workshop Series: Data Protection and the Energy Sector: the example of smart grids


13 March 2017



WRG : Paul Quinn - The Problem of Stigmatising Expressions


6 March 2017



WRG : Lina Jasmontaite - Framing cybersecurity competence in the EU through mandatory data breach and incident notification regime

20 February



WRG : Francesca di Mattero (visiting scholar) - The Right to Privacy in the Age of Electronic Surveillance: Reconsidering the Extraterritorial Application of Human Rights Treaties


20 February 2017



Privacy Hub Event : The Right to Privacy in the Age of Electronic Surveillance. Reconsidering the Extraterritorial Application of Human Rights Treaties.


6 February 2017 



Privacy Hub Event : GDPR Workshop Series: current trends and practices in biobanking


24 January 2017


CPDP 2017 Launch Event: Patterns, Profiling and PNR: The New PNR Directive and its implications