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Corona update

Important notice concerning the evolution of the coronavirus situation

Following the decision of the National Security Council, the Vrije Universiteit Brussel will make the following adjustments to the organisation of the university from Friday 13 March 24:00 until 19 April 2020. More information will follow in the coming hours. The university will not close but will go completely digital: everyone will stay at home, unless it is impossible to do otherwise.


  • All classes will be digital only.
  • All classes with physical presence on campuses are suspended, also all practical classes: So, the below 50 rule is dropped.
  • The students (national and international) living in lodgings who can go home, should go home. Where this is not possible, we look at what solutions there are.
  • The only exception are those students who are needed in care and labs.

Services and departments

  • The services and departments will also be organised remotely with the technical possibilities available (skype, telephone, mail, ...).
  • Most of the facilities on the campuses will be closed: cafes, restaurant, sports facilities, cultural facilities, library, study guidance centre, all meeting rooms and all physical contact points.
  • Teleworking is maximized so that as little commuting as possible is required. Where continuity is needed on campus, colleagues with poor health and parents of children who cannot attend school are given priority for teleworking.
  • The services that have to guarantee an ongoing presence and have to be on campus for this purpose will be contacted separately and will organise an alternative form of work.


  • Critical scientific research in laboratories is ensured. The supervisor will organise this together with the teams.