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VUBToday: VUB statement on the CJEU ruling on mutagenesis and the EU GMO regulation

The European Directive 2001/18/EC sets rules for the deliberate release of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). These rules require priorauthorization forreleasing GMOs in the environment for commercial or otherpurposes. The Directive makessuch authorization dependent of an assessment of risksthat suchGMOsmay present for human health and the environment and makes them subject to traceability, labelling and monitoring obligations. Exemptedfrom the Directive are organisms produced by one or more of the techniques/methods listed below:(1)mutagenesis; (2)cell fusion (including protoplastfusion) of plant cells of organisms which can exchange genetic material throughtraditional breeding methods.“The background of these exemptions is that those organisms have been obtained through certain techniques of genetic modification which have conventionally been used in a number of applications and have a long safety record” (Recital 17 of the Directive).  read more on VUB Today