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Certificate request

Vrije Universiteit Brussel - Student Administration (OWSA) [A] Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Brussels, Building C, 2nd floor (C2.02) [E] studentadministration@vub.be


1. Only certain certificates can be sent digitally.

2. Graduates of the current academic year should not request a graduation certificate. This document will automatically be send to your email address within two weeks after the proclamations. If you require a paper version, you do need to request it. (Please note that the digital certificate is a secure pdf with a valid digital signature.)

Study curriculum

The study curriculum is an overview of all your enrolments at the VUB.
This is NOT a transcript of records.

Graduation Certificate

Your graduation certificate will be sent to your email address automatically after the proclamations. You do not need to apply for this.

Deregistration certificate

A certificate of deregistration is only possible when you have filled out the online form for deregistration.

e.g. Master of Management
e.g. 2018-2019

Change of address

Please request a formal change of address via e-mail. Please mention:

1. Your student number;

2. Your old address;

3. Your new address.

The standard form to renew your residence permit is required for non-EEA students who are in Belgium on a student visa. You will need this form declaring your study progress.

It will be automatically sent to your email address once the faculty has deliberated your study progress. it can only be sent once you have taken all of your examinations in the first or second sitting. We cannot provide this certificate before that date.

For more information on how visa and residence permits, please visit <a href="https://student.vub.be/en/international-student-life">this page of our website</a>.