The micro-credential “Sustainability” combines sustainability economics, decision support systems for sustainability and interdisciplinary approaches to sustainability in order to provide a whole system thinking insight and practical application methods to enable graduates to become a part of the transition towards sustainability.

Sustainability challenges are deeply imbedded in societal, ecological, and technological processes and thus wicked. They require the bridging of multiple disciplines, and a reflection on and cooperation with society. Understanding and becoming a part of sustainable transitions therefor requires knowledge, skills and experiences that include various disciplines and real-world experiences. Within the micro-credential “Sustainability” a combination of discipline-specific knowledge, interdisciplinary understanding and tools, and transdisciplinary practical experiences is offered to allow you to become an agent for change towards sustainability.

The courses of this micro-credential provides discipline specific insights in the fields of economics, ecology, social sciences, and engineering. To ensure that graduates have the necessary tools to become a part of the sustainable transitions, it offers insights in decision making processes and methods, as well as tools and methods for transition management and system thinking. Building upon this theoretical understanding each course includes an assignment that allows students to build the necessary transition skills needed to tackle real-world problems.

The courses are organized in an interactive way including working sessions in which we let you experience the various techniques in a hands-on-manner, complemented with lectures that can be followed online or in class. The courses are therefore suitable for anyone with a professional or personal interest in Sustainability.


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Micro-credentials zijn kortdurende opleidingen met enkele vakken, uitgedrukt in studiepunten (=ECTS credits). Wil je nieuwe, aanvullende competenties verwerven? Ben je op zoek naar actualisatie? Heb je nood aan een bijkomende vorming? Dan zijn deze kortdurende opleidingen misschien wel iets voor jou.

In het kader van Levenslang Leren behoort deze micro-credentials vanaf het academiejaar 2022-2023 tot het studieaanbod. Je kan ze volgen in het 1e of het 2e semester, in het Nederlands of Engels (naargelang het specifieke aanbod). Na het behalen van de micro-credential ontvang je een getuigschrift.

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