Break through digital social isolation with the e-Inclusion Taskforce

If you’re not on online or have limited digital skills, you’re soon going to be left out socially. The coronavirus crisis took this one step further by making people without digital communication even more isolated. To put this right, VUB’s media literacy knowledge centre has set up the e-Inclusion Taskforce.


What does this Taskforce actually do? Loads! Like making laptops, tablets and the Internet more accessible for young people in social care, people in poverty, people with disabilities or the elderly in care homes. But also by boosting the digital skills of vulnerable groups. With remote telephone and digital support, the Taskforce helps them to learn how to use online communication tools. And there are more of those than you think: social media of course, but also digital platforms like banking apps, unemployment benefit forms or online school registration.

The e-Inclusion Taskforce needs you. As a digital native, you can volunteer to contribute to e-inclusion for everyone!

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