Architecture week, inside an inflated air dome. | picture: bru:tecture | 2017


Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering

The three-year bachelor programme develops fundamental knowledge, skills and a conscious attitude. Fundamental sciences, like mathematics, chemistry, physics and mechanics, provide the basis for the understanding of building physics, material science, technical installations and structural design. Together with the theory and history of architecture and urbanism this knowledge makes up the toolbox of the future architectural engineer.

In the design studios we apply this knowledge to a specific case. Apart from understanding the context and developing the architectural design from concept to detail, we focus on presentation techniques, drawing conventions and tools, and digital and physical modelling. Combined with a personal guidance by the teaching staff, each student gets the opportunity to develop a personal attitude and vision.

Our programme stimulates a critical mindset. Different aspects of sustainability are therefore addressed: the environment, human scale and affordability. The design studios focus on current and societal topics like adaptable and minimal architecture, culture and heritage, and structure and the city. After an accessible start, the complexity of the design projects increases every year, continuously working on a bigger scale: from small, temporary structures to complete urban fragments.

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