Campus Etterbeek, Vrije Universiteit Brussel | picture: | 2018

Vision statement

Vision statement on our teaching practice

At the department of Architectural Engineering we shape the architectural engineers of tomorrow: creative, critical and technically educated designers who are ready to start in the exciting but demanding construction sector. For this we rely on three pillars: the engineering, design and architectural sciences.

Through a distinctly broad education, from fundamental sciences, humanities and cultural science to design, our students develop insight in all aspects of construction. As such, the architectural engineer has many career options: developing construction materials and systems, working in an architectural or engineering office, in real estate or project development, as a project manager, or becoming a scientific researcher or policy maker.

The architectural engineer bridges the engineering and architectural practice. Therefore, the focus of the programme lies on interaction: the creative design skills come together with a broad technical and scientific knowledge. Problem solving is key in this. Architectural Engineering is about more than constructing buildings; it is about providing appropriate answers to the changing needs and conditions of our society and built environment.

At the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, we think it is important to educate critical students, who can develop and defend a well-reasoned vision. By regularly presenting their projects, students sharpen their oral and visual skills. The small scale of our university moreover facilitates very close guidance. Academically this is translated into an intense interaction between education and research. Thus, our programme provides the most recent scientific insights and technological developments to the students.


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