Brutalist architecture at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel | picture: | 2019


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VUB Architectural Engineering offers research guidance and support to take the lead with forerunners towards an integrally sustainable built environment. Get in touch via

Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) is a rapidly growing knowledge institution in the heart of Europe. The research group VUB Architectural Engineering, a team of over 50 architects and engineers, supports with knowledge and experience practitioners and policy makers in their transition to a circular economy, sustainable renovation practice and innovative structures.

With the help of the knowledge and methods available to the team, VUB Architectural Engineering guides the construction industry in making and justifying sustainable choices. The team not only provides information, but also creates and evaluates with public and private construction partners innovative and future-proof design alternatives and construction techniques. The insight into the actual environmental benefits and the financial added value of innovative building allows you to embed this permanently in your organization and the sector.

Together with forerunners, VUB Architectural Engineering accelerates the transition to a sustainable built environment. New building methods in concrete projects are being improved and validated with design and consultancy firms. With material products and contractors, we work together in for example the Circular Retrofit Lab. And new procurement and revenue models are being developed together with investors and service providers.

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Good to know

Since 2018 VUB Architectural Engineering is licensed to offer research guidance and support in the context of the Brussels Regional Program for a Circular Economy (PREC). With our demonstrated expertise, we take the lead with forerunners towards an integrally sustainable built environment.

As a small or medium-sized company, you enjoy 40 or 30 percent reduction through the Vlaio SME portfolio of the Flemish government for training or advice from our department.